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A word whose very meaning was questioned by former president Bill Clinton while he was on trial.
"That depends on what the definition of 'is' is"
by D-Shiznit November 11, 2005
inverse smile
by t. sheather November 03, 2002
Third-person present tense of "be"--Simply put, the copula. And no it may sound it but has nothing to do with love-making you idiot!
How can one even use the word "is" to help define the word itself, or even question its meaning? In that, Mr. Clinton has displayed some bizarre paradox, quite akin to dividing by zero!
by IcyHaku September 08, 2009
Short for Itis Spot. A designated chill spot for a group of friends to chill and get over the itis (short for niggeritis)
Pronounced "is" not i.s.
"Yo dude, the itis is hittin' me quicktime, let's hit up I.S."

Friend 1: "Yo, ima go home and get some sleep before soccer dude."
Friend 2: "Nah, let's just hit up I.S. for a quick minute."
by Casey Rexdale October 19, 2008
a word repeated exponentially when no adective can be found at the time, sometimes separated from iteslf by hte word 'um' or 'er' or 'ah'
dude that totally is is is is is, um, is is is, er, is is is, ah, is...
by Irving Scott September 24, 2005
I stupid...me kno nothing
I.S. didn't ya kno that?
by Tanya December 31, 2003
another perversion of the "=" (equal sign/concept)
"NOTHING is equal to anything...oh wait,,, i said is... well i dunno. but how can anything be anything else?! is is not real! i mean.. dammit."
by ?0~ July 06, 2005