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Engrish for "I love you"
Usually used by quasi-racist teens on social sites, it is meant as an alternative to ily or ilu.
xXlove4evaXx: iru, ur my bff ^_^

ryuzaki_kurosaki: twat.
by hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng July 08, 2010
1. A scaly sea animal that roams around on the ocean floor and humps sea coral.
2. Likes to eat the corn that comes out of her ass
3. Male donkey
I-Ru was swimming gayly through the ocean, and then she felt an intense feeling, which was really a fart. When she let out this mass amount of gas, she rocketed out of the water and landed...on Mars.
by POOPY March 04, 2003
Normally referred as I'll Rock You, Usually in the sense meaning destroy or put in intense humiliation causing severe emotional distress. IRU= Ima rock you. Usually used when talking online.
While talking online,

"IRU beezy cuz u made fun of me today"
by RuiFS December 28, 2009
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