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Unexpectedly or oddly attractive in a sexual or physical way; usually possessing features that are generally thought to make one "ugly".
Brian had an irotic attraction to his English professor, an overweight woman with large, pendulous bosoms, gray hair, a very weathered face and a masucline, smoky voice.
by CotterDaly November 12, 2006
Where ironic meets erotic: A wholly necessary replacement for "That's what she said," as this is an erotic statement that is nearly always ironically false.
"I'm so out of breath because I just came from downtown."
"That's irotic."
by mclayborne April 22, 2012
Referring to the unwilling combination of Irony and Eroticism. Usually used in reference to ugly people trying desperately to be sexy.
Upon seeing the troll-like Vanessa remove her pink and ragged thong without taking off her Juicy brand sweat pants Alex turned to Marco and uttered "How Irotic." while choking back vomit.
by Furious Jorge February 15, 2006
A combination of "interactive" or "internet" and "erotic". Pertains specifically to a class of adult material to be consumed via computer. An homage to Apple Computer's "i" line of products.
Used in similar fashion to iPhone, iMac. The web is full of irotic material.
by Aurans July 19, 2008
(adj) a marriage of the words "erotic," that is, arousing or satisfying of sexual desire, and "ironic" (the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning)
Phill's sexual encounter with Talula the Whore is irotic because he always calls her a dumb biddie

A novel filled with eroticism and irony.. the best kind of novel is, hands down, the irotic novel
by pincheswithfeet March 02, 2011
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