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One of the many words in the english language that you can not say without sounding like an idiot.
'Dude! Try and say Irish Rishwatsh!' 'Whaaat?' 'Irish... Wristwatch.. IRISH WRISTWATCH'
by km_2002 February 11, 2009
Two Words in the english dictionary that you can not say without soundling like a total and complete idiot (:
Dude 1- Hey say Irish Wristwatch
Dude 2- Okaii! "Irish wriswash"
Dude 2- *punches dude 1*
by ylla1998 November 28, 2011

An alcoholic drink consisting of Jameson Irish Whiskey mixed with a splash of Bailey's Irish Cream. Also known as a Perverted Irishman.
Altered original recipe to contain 90% Jameson, and 10% Bailey's as opposed to 50%-50%, respectively.

Named after an English-language tongue twister.

Note: Both ingredients can be substituted for any brand of respective whiskey and cream of Irish origin, obviously.
"Bartender, Irish Wristwatch, please."
"A, what?"
"Perverted Irishman, turn up the Jameson."
"A little further explanation."
"Chilled Jameson, splash of Bailey's."
by Velko August 15, 2013
The act of ejactulating onto the anal rim of a female, followed by fisting the ass hole until the wrist touches the sphincter. The ring of brown and white upon ones wrist after withdrawal of the fist is an Irish Wrist Watch.
'Bend over love, I want an Irish Wrist Watch'
by Thebloodymary May 20, 2015
Actually originating in the piedmont of North Carolina, the Irish Wristwatch occurs during anal intercourse. The male, lying on his back, is mounted by the female; she rotates (preferably clockwise) while drinking a bottle of Irish Cream, whether it is Bailey's, O'Mara's, etc.
I gave Jo an irish wristwatch
by TMinc January 22, 2010
Sexual act performed by inserting a potato into an orifice (generally a vagina) and twisting your wrist as though you were checking the time on a watch.

Potato used in place of a dildo.

This act typically follows or accompanies copious amounts of drinking, usually whiskey or beer but also mixed drinks - such as Irish carbombs.
I met this kinky chick at the bar and went back to her place, where I gave her an Irish wristwatch.
by Light1980 October 02, 2009
The act of taking a Baked Potato in one's hand, and then inserting said hand with afformentioned potato into the rectum of another person up to the wrist, thus becoming an Irish Wristwatch.
Did you hear what Sally and Jenny did last night? Sally gave Jenny an Irish Wristwatch but forgot to take the potato out with her hand.
by izzygizzy December 17, 2008
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