One of the largest cocks that side of the Atlantic.
Damn! You have 9 kids, he must have an Irish cock!
by Jay King December 04, 2006
anyone whos ever seen an irish dick knows its anything but small most irishmen are bigger the average size.
Ever seen the colin ferral sex tape?? Thats an irish cock
by McDaniel R January 15, 2008
Irish men like to use the Collin Farrel tape to some how regain their confidence and remove the "Irish curse stereotype from them. But we all know the truth. Ireland currently has one of the smallest penis size averages in Europe. Only above Greece at number 24 With a 12 cenimeter average. Thats 4 inches, lower than even some Asian nations. Collin's excuse is he's Black irish and more than likely the spawn of some mediterranean genetics to resurface. He does not represent the cocks of all Irish.

Ireland, length: 12.78cm, girth: 10.94cm
Jessica: Omg that guy is smaller than an Asian!

Brittany: Oh he just has an Irish cock.
by Jessicaluv October 13, 2011
When the condom is a size to small and becomes so tight it cuts off circulation to the cock and the cock turns green
dude, last night when I was fucking becky I had to wear a condom that was a size to small because, the gas station ran out and she asked me why I had an Irish Cock
by therealjohnsmith2 February 17, 2009

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