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Ireland is a beautiful island nation west of GB and, luckily, very very far away from the chief oppressors America and Papua New Guinea. Us Irish are a friendly bunch who like the "craic." Our national sports, Gaelic football and Hurling are the greatest amateur sports in the world, a lot better than shitty lacrosse! Many Americans think the Irish to be a rowdy shower of kamikazies who like to get slobbily shammered and run in front of tractors. You Americans are wrong. Contrary to popular belief, we are not all farmers and we don't all speak with "langer" of "jackeen" accents!
American: "Howdy JohnJoe, you wanna have the "crack??"
JohnJoe: No thanks yank, Im not QUEER!

GAA is better than lacrosse.

Ireland is better than America in many varying ways.
by WD1234 February 19, 2009
A country where everyone is related to one another in some shape or form, as a result of mass emmigration and boredom (leading to over-enthusiastic reproduction and interbreeding). The mass emmigration also led to the larger percent of America to have some ancestor of Irish decent. Americans have some strange habit/obsession with pointing out this fact.

On the bright side, it is a very friendly nation.
-My great-grandmother was from Ireland!
-Oh, maybe she was related to my great-aunt!
by Gummyworm enthusiast May 01, 2010
See also: potato farm
"Hey! Guess where I went this spring?"
"I don't know... Ireland?"
"Yes, I went to a potato farm."
by Ignorant American February 16, 2010
The southern part of a wind swept little island, lashed by freezing rain.
People are indescript.
Few achievements.
Food, roads and beer mediocre.
Go to Southern Ireland for holidays? You must be crazy! Mexico is far better.
I visited Southern Ireland and found it horrible.
Southern Ireland--famous for drunks.
by soreofhing November 25, 2009
It always rain (especaily in talaght)filled wit icky skangers,it has spike for no apparant reason

Has central bank AND temple bar, doesnt have lepricauns, we dont say "top of da maurnin t ye", We dont were green, we has our on language(one of the oldest in the world), we're not all farmers AND WE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ta me craicalthe - i am crazy
go ireland!!!
by ickle beki-boo January 05, 2008
A country whose inhabitants are ridiculously sensitive about being stereotyped as drunken karaoke singers who like a good fight and who seeth in raging pits of anger whenever anyone English or American even mentions the word leprechaun or claims to have Irish ancestry. All that rage, despite the fact that millions of Brits and Yanks actually do descend from Ireland (and kept Ireland from total financial ruin by way of remittance payments) and thousands of Irish people in leprechaun costumes grace the streets of Dublin every Paddy's Day and inevitably sing Fields of Athenry and drink 20 pints of larger before getting in the fight with the dude who knocked into their bag of chips.
You're not Irish I'm Irish because only people who live in Ireland are Irish.... I know nothing about the concept of ethnicity or identity politics in New World countries because I webbed 6 jagerbombs last night, I'm so proud of myself.
by EamonnOG December 11, 2006
nation in which the average citizen is now wealthier that the average brit thanks to british taxpayers money going into EU pockets and promptly sent to the island of ireland.
"i'm rich and a presenter on British television; i'm Irish"
by gb uk ni January 27, 2005