to start most people here are not ginger, beer loving, leprechauns called seamus o'donnell that eat nothing but spuds, maybe 2006 that would be true but not now. what is true is we have the best looking country side in the world e.g the giants causeway, the mournes and so on, we bulit the titanic, we practilly made new york and boston as without us there would be about 5 people there and all those quarter irish who say they can drink so much cus they are irish lets see if you can tell me wheres tyrone in ireland?
p.s ulster is not filled by crown loving british forigners changing the culture.
all in all Ireland is a modern country and not a farmers land full of spuds.

p.s.besides ulster we are not in the u.k!!!
by james the tyrone lad April 07, 2011
a place in Europe where not every1 lives in a 100 year old bungalo cottage in the middle of a field not every1 gets drunk all the time not every1 can irishdance we all dont talk like culchies and work on farms we dont live on spuds (potatoes) we dont have leprachans we r not all called paddy and roisin and all irishy names

i love my country dont start wid ya steryotypes
john: im goin to ireland for the summer .
micheal:*puts on fake irish accent,tries to Irish dance* how'ya paddy wats the craic with ya.
Shaun:(from Ireland)*punches micheal in da face* fuck you bitch
by Irish E xx April 20, 2011
A beautiful, dark green island off of the coast of Britain which contains the following:

* Cattle and god Irish beef
* Sheep and good ole Irish wool
* Roman Catholics
* Award winning football teams
* Hurling (an Irish sport a tad like lacrosse)
* Catholics and Catholic churches
* A historical industry of potato farming and proud, strong Irishmen
* A modern industry in computer technology
* An immortal history in alcohol
* Catholics, Catholic priests, Catholic nuns
* The world's most recognised Catholic Saint, Saint Patrick
* A bitter history with Britain starting in the 1200s or so and continuing, possibly to this very day, including:

* The Norman conquests

* The Tudor reconquests and oppression

* The rebellions and the Penal Laws

* The Easter Rising of 1915

* Bloody Sunday 1971

* The Hunger Strike of 1981

* and all of the fighting, death, and protests made before, in between and after
* Catholic politicians who want a completely free Ireland
* Protestant politicians wanting Ireland to be in Union with Britain
* Drunkies in the public houses who couldn't care less
* Speaking of pubs, Guinness

And did I mention they're 80 percent Catholic?
Ireland is the greenest country on Earth. Many a great person came from Ireland and spread the Irish spirit of hospitality, generosity, and humour to the shores of the nations. Truly, this country is a blessing to the world.

And most of them are Catholic, too.
by TarkanAttila22 May 03, 2010
Lovely green rainy island that is full of smart friendly people for the most part. Historically an oppressed and poor country, a large part of their economy was generated through tourism, as much of the island's population emmigrated to other countries over the decades. Very smart and witty population, well educated and known for their literature, music and humor.
However, there are quite a few Irish who claim to know their history but don't. While they Yank bash they tend to forget that without US Irish American funds they never would have been able to fight their war of independence and form the Irish Republic, and the peace talks in the North would never have happened without US involvement. So without those Irish-Americans who you say aren't Irish (we don't claim to be - note that we say Irish American. Once Ireland starts having more immigrant offspring they'll begin to get the concept)Ireland would still be part of the UK. Your country was basically bought with US cash and guns, some Irish Americans even came over from the US to fight for it as well. Some would say the Irish are rather ignorant and ungrateful. But then I guess that it would be stereotyping to judge an entire country on a few yobs who hate Americans.

Anyone who is a citizen of the Republic of Ireland is Irish. Treat immigrants well when they arrive in Ireland, remember that the Irish were taken in when they went to England, Australia and the US.
Ireland, Ulster,Guinness,Yeats,rain,New york, ellis island
by NYC Gingerman August 09, 2007
Twentieth largest island on the planet. West of Great Britain. Home to Brendan Behan, U2 and the original Guinness brewery. Used to get most of the rain in Europe, now thankfully changing due to global warming, proving that it is an ill wind and all that. Exports include the above rock group, an above average slice (for the island's population) of the world's greatest writers, the above dark beverage with a creamy head on, oodles of women with unwanted pregnancies, a few deliveries of Semtex, milk, beef, and formerly, streams of missionaries. Currently is the grip of a "tiger economy" which doesn't seem so feline if you leave out the wobbly property market. Wouldn't be such a bad place if it wasn't for Limerick and a couple of places in the Six Counties.
Ireland. Last chance to make a will before the Atlantic.
by Fearman November 24, 2007
Oh. My. FUCKING GOD. Ireland is da hardest, realest, ghettoest country in Europe evuh!!!!!!! I am from FUCKING DUBLIN, and I am da shit! DUUUUUUBLIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!! YEAH BITCHES!!!!!
Seamus and I get our freak on in IRELAND! He puts his rainbow in my pot of gold and then I drop it like it's hot!
by womoma April 25, 2005
A country where everyone is related to one another in some shape or form, as a result of mass emmigration and boredom (leading to over-enthusiastic reproduction and interbreeding). The mass emmigration also led to the larger percent of America to have some ancestor of Irish decent. Americans have some strange habit/obsession with pointing out this fact.

On the bright side, it is a very friendly nation.
-My great-grandmother was from Ireland!
-Oh, maybe she was related to my great-aunt!
by Gummyworm enthusiast May 01, 2010

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