The best country in the world! A bit of advice though
1. We speak Gaeilge not Gaelic
2. We are not Leprechauns
3. We do not all live on potatoes
4. Most of us speak English so please don't try to talk down to us.
5. We are not all drunks (Well the kids aren't)
6. We do have a green countryside... We'd like to keep it that way.
7. The weather is almost never good here.. be sure to bring an umbrella!
8.Only country with a holiday celebrated world-wide.

9. Home to amazing musicians and actors. (Roy7, The Script, The Cranberries, Colin Farrell,Pierce Brosnan , Saorsee Ronan etc.)

10.Ireland has been plagued by American and English sterotypes, such as the misconception that we are all drunkards, or that we all speak with a hugely fake Cork accent and say 'top o' the morning to ya, laddie' - I have lived here my entire life and not once have I heard an Irish person say that seriously. The fact that Americans 'imitate' us by say 'top o' the morning' is I think due to those stupid Lucky Charms adverts, and whoever wrote them should die a horrible death :)
11. I could go on and on about how awesome Ireland is but.. You already know don't you?
Irishman: 'Hello, how are you?'
American: 'OMG are you from Ireland? Top o' the morning to ya!'
Irishman: *punches American*
by Tiffy6666 October 12, 2011
The only country where it is socially acceptable for young teenagers to shift numerous -sometimes dozens- of fellow teenage disco attendees in one night.

The only country where it is widely acceptable to refer to kissing or snogging as shifting.

Overall: a land of vast opportunity populated by legendary people
Ireland is the land of legends
by Icantprounouncemostwords November 03, 2014
A beautiful warm, caring country.
with gorgeous views everywhere you go.
I've read alot of the definitions
for 'Ireland'.
& to be honest, most of them
are 100% wrong.
either people who don't know
the first thing about Ireland add a definition, or some of the Irish people
at their worst add one.
don't be fooled by what you read here.
We don't hate anyone.
Not the USA, not the UK, no one.
Obviously I can't say our whole nation
doesn't hate anyone, people have
their opinions.
but most Irish people don't act like some
of the things I've read here submitted
by Irish people. At least no Irish person
I've met does.
I have actually been deeply offended
by one or two definitions i've read here.
Most of you have us Irish people
all wrong!
There IS horrible people in Ireland.
But isn' there horrible people everywhere nowadays?
We don't go around eating 'spuds'
and living in the backass of nowhere
we're normal
civilised people.
(at least most of us are)
Ireland is a beautiful country
and no words can describe how proud I am
to be 100% Irish.
Thanks for reading. :)
Roisín: Ireland is a goregous country.
Seán: I agree
by CranberryPerson August 28, 2008
Take me down to the car-bomb city where the Guiness is black and the girls are pretty.
Irish Car-Bombs, Guiness
by Laura March 29, 2005
The place where Lucky the Leprechaun is from. Place where Lucky grows marshmallows (hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers and blue moons, pots of gold and rainbows and me red balloons). Place of other Leprechauns and four-leaf clovers. Where good luck is born and the funny accents. Where magic and rainbows and happiness is located. That island in Europe.
Ahh me Lucky Charms, they're magically delicious! Get me pot of gold out of yer ass. (Kiss me! I'm Irish!)
by BlahBlahBlahBlahBlah July 29, 2005
the land god created on the 7th day. equal of none. oldest civilization on earth and the smartest. the country every american wants to be from. contrary to miss-leading news propoganda by the british. ireland is not a country of 2 halves it has no natural borders and prods do not rule the north as ireland is 80 percent catholic. we are not cousins or sisters or any type of sibling to england scotland or wales we are our own race and culture they are our enemies always have been and will be. its a small island in the atlantic leave us the fuck alone. we are the 4th reich rise ireland arise and sieze the day.ourselves alone,conqueror of none, true to rome.
ireland says get the fuck out
by da origanal playa May 18, 2006
Ireland is one of the most beautiful, mystic, and messed up countries in the world.
It rains a lot, but that just makes it more green and gorgeous. I have never seen a more beautiful sight than when I watched the sun go down, perched on some rocks on an obscure little beach near Dunfanaghy. It was pissing it down, but somehow it made it even more beautiful.
Unfortunately because I was raised in London (born near Creeslough up in Donegal) and i go there every holiday I've been subject to a fair bit of prejudice.
I can safely say that I have met some lovely Irish people who have only been nice.
Unluckily some teenager heard me speaking to my mum and decided to spit on me and call me a 'pommie fucker'. I was 8.
But I love it anyway. Growing up listening to my Granny telling me stories about Finn mac Cumhaill and his Fianna it was like I could touch the magic.
I have no doubt, though I adore England, Ireland is the most magical place I have ever visited.
The native language is Gaelic which is amazing when spoken. My granny tried and failed teaching me it, but I can read a few words.
England and Ireland should be friends.
by IrishEnglish April 20, 2009

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