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bad at computer games and science

You are so ir_pegg you're suckey at Team fortress classic and eat poos all day
by pooeyanus August 02, 2003
4 4
Some one who enjoys the cock
hi im ir_pegg and i like penis
by anonymous September 07, 2003
4 1
some fag
hi i wanna stick my cock up my ass
by <3 April 01, 2003
2 0
one who likes the anus
by ir fegg August 08, 2003
2 1
fat kid who watches male pron all day.
"omg im fat"
by squiddy April 01, 2003
2 1
someone who has butt sex with squiddy all night long
Hi im pegg and like squiddys peni
by ko April 01, 2003
1 2
Somebody whos owns everyone who posted above and is also very eleet at wc3 and tfc. And newbies like josh and centaur and blue idolise this great man
man ir_pegg is soooo my idol

Pegg owns me :(

Wish i was as cool as pegg
by Da man September 01, 2004
2 4