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5 definitions by ko

greeting term for respected person or persons
yo homes, we chillin' tonight?
by ko January 18, 2003
156 104
Peace Out Violence In
POVI, im out
by KO May 01, 2004
7 5
a big idiot loser who doesn't know how to drive. often drives you off the road, or just crashes right into you and totals your motherfuckin car.
"The highway was full of doncos this morning!"
"Damn donco, get outta my way!"
"That stupid donco rear-ended me and now my car is a piece of shit!"
by KO January 22, 2004
2 1
ulook like a koobtoosh
by ko June 10, 2003
1 2
someone who has butt sex with squiddy all night long
Hi im pegg and like squiddys peni
by ko April 01, 2003
1 2