The inability to listen to one song for more then 1 minute
Jo: Stop switching songs!
Andy: sorry man, I have iPoditis!
by Jamodasnorlax November 11, 2009
Top Definition
a disorder in which the inhabitant ignores people while listening to his ipod, causes inhabitant to pretend not to hear people, when he/she knows your talking to him, also refered to as being an asshole

caused by a parisite known as ipods

list of parisites: ipod shuffle, ipod 30gb, ipod 40gb, ipod nano, ipod mini, and all other ipods

mother:i think somethings wrong with my son!
doctor: you son has a severe case of ipoditis
mother:is there a cure:
doctor: yeah (takes ipod and smashes it)
kid: what the hell are you doing!?
doctor: withdrawl symptoms should last about a week...
by johnathan in alabama December 29, 2006
A condition that affects a person while listening to their ipod/mp3. The condition prohibits the user from hearing anything or anyone. Can lead to other conditions such as being hit by traffic.
Brad: Hey john!
Harry: Dude, he cant hear, hes got ipoditis...
Brad: Oh, Damn it
by bsindada August 23, 2006
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