A record company, but not an evil one. Probably one of the most artist-friendly labels on the planet. Known primarily for having Mike Patton as part of it, his band Fantomas released their debut album as Ipecac's first release in 1999.
Ipecac bands include - Fantomas, Tomahawk, Isis, Kaada, etc.
by Bartender April 05, 2004
Top Definition
A vomit inducing medicine that's mainly used for people who consume toxic chemicals or drugs.
Her baby was retarded and swallowed plumbing fluid, so the docter gave it ipecac to make it hurl.
by Fireblood September 02, 2005
is liquid that makes whoever drinks it vomit uncontrollably
that epsiode of family guy where they drank Ipecac was the bomb
by L337J4ZZDrummer September 12, 2005
Ipecac is a fluid that makes you vomit uncontrollably
My friend Billt drank some Ipecac and started the throw up and couldnt stop. I was laughing so hard
by The_D September 19, 2005
A penis or some part of the crotchal region
"Dude, we can all see your ipecac."
by Meals on Wheels March 04, 2006
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