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4 definitions by Bartender

A cult British comic, about the adventures (usually law-enforcing adventures, but with sex, violence and bad language) of a tank-loving girl called Tank Girl.

A film based on the comic was released in 1995, starring the incredibly sexy (in this film, at least) Lori Petty as Tank Girl. Is generally regarded as an awesome B-Movie, but anyone without a taste for B-Movies wouldn't be impressed.
Tank Girl is so fucking hot.
by Bartender April 05, 2004
The proper (some might say "derogatory", though I hope for the sake of the world they wouldn't) term for the evil coffee making entity sometimes known as Starbucks.

Also: a game which involves trying to fuck the most attractive member of staff working in said coffe shop, whilst buying the least number of products (See also Fuckbeans).
"I hate Starfucks"
"Don't you mean StarBUCKS?
"No, I assure you, I meant Starfucks."
by Bartender February 21, 2004
A gay person trying to sell lamp shades in a department store.
"Dude im going to head down the plumming isle just to avoid that philapotamago."
by bartender January 01, 2005
A record company, but not an evil one. Probably one of the most artist-friendly labels on the planet. Known primarily for having Mike Patton as part of it, his band Fantomas released their debut album as Ipecac's first release in 1999.
Ipecac bands include - Fantomas, Tomahawk, Isis, Kaada, etc.
by Bartender April 05, 2004