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a piece of electronics made by Apple Inc. it is the successor to to the ipad and has about as much changes as the Vietnam war had a purpose. it is an overpriced tablet, with pretty much all other tablets having the exact same features with a lower cost. Also, they are extremely fragile and crack easily.
Ben: Wow man, I'm pissed. I just spent $800 on my new ipad2 and the screen cracked.

Jerry:Really, because I just spent $500 on a lenovo thinkpad, dropped it on a rock, and it works fine.
by Citywok VerySNEEKY jap December 09, 2011
The successor to Apple's IPad. Almost the same thing as the successor except they installed two cameras which take pictures worse than a foot. It's processor is a tiny bit better and it weighs unnoticeable less than the first one. Can't still run Flash and is just ridiculous but for some reason people still find themselves wanting to spend 600$ on it. Only Apple fanboys buy it.
Hey Jack, look what I just bought.

An iPad 2? Are you mentally challenged?
by BagNtag February 20, 2012
The best tablet ever.
by sturbo December 25, 2011

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