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the product of airjerking.
Laura: That guy was so hot! When I saw him I airjerked for like five minutes.
Gina: DUDE I KNOW. When I saw him I airjerked and then invisajizzed all over your dashboard... sorry.
by HarrisonHeezay August 27, 2009
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jizz that is invisable, cant be felt, wont see it comming, its just BAM there. occasionally come when your with your bestfriend !
kayla:dudeeee, guess what!
chelsea:what ?!?!
by kaystack,cgriff November 22, 2009
The smell of jizz in the air even though there is none.
Mr. X: you smell that?
Mr. Y: smell what?
Mr. X: That Invis-a-Jizz, it smells terrible
by Mr. Z, Mr. X, and Mr. Y April 27, 2009

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