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the product of airjerking.
Laura: That guy was so hot! When I saw him I airjerked for like five minutes.
Gina: DUDE I KNOW. When I saw him I airjerked and then invisajizzed all over your dashboard... sorry.
by HarrisonHeezay August 27, 2009
jizz that is invisable, cant be felt, wont see it comming, its just BAM there. occasionally come when your with your bestfriend !
kayla:dudeeee, guess what!
chelsea:what ?!?!
by kaystack,cgriff November 22, 2009
The smell of jizz in the air even though there is none.
Mr. X: you smell that?
Mr. Y: smell what?
Mr. X: That Invis-a-Jizz, it smells terrible
by Mr. Z, Mr. X, and Mr. Y April 27, 2009

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