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One extremely fat lard ass who has no goals in life except to become more and more fat. He has won the battle against anorexia, but has clearly lost the war to obesity. His goal in life is to own the burger king empire, so then he will not have to pay for his daily 30 cheeseburgers. He will one day realize how fat, ugly, and lonely he is (due to his lack of friends) and he will then commit suicide by not eating but 3 cheeseburgers in 10 hours.
Wow, invictuz is one fat lard
by jordan December 12, 2004
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A pathetic fatass who sits on his computer all day eating burger king and trying to tell himself to ignore all the fat comments her receives. He one day hopes to control the burger king empire, so he doed not have to pay for the 30 burgers he eats a day. One day he is to realize he has no friends and will commit suicide.
invic is one fat motha fucka
by jordan December 12, 2004

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