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the headphone jack on apple products
Brad was putting his downloads into Janet's Nano, when he missed the data port and accidentally put the plug into her inus. Janet didn't even flinch, and Brad knew he had found a keeper.
by gateskeeper January 25, 2008
japanese word that means "dog"; when combined with other japanese words it becomes a prefix (if connecting them are necessary)
Inus and nekos never get along very well.
by Luna December 06, 2003
The universal POLYNESIAN WORD meaning TO DRINK. Literally it is the same word in most Polynesian languages because its what our ancestors did best and what we continue to participate in purely for cultural involvement!
"EH! WE GO INU I TA PIA!!!(drink beer)"

by POLYNESIAN-BOYS-DO-IT-BEST November 20, 2008
Meaning "dog" in the Japanese language.
Sesshomaru is an example of inu demon in television.
by Sirius "Inu" Black August 08, 2003
A classification of paedophiles; Canado-Asian children with an interest in children.
"When walking alone at night in Canada, it is imperial to avoid contact with Inus at all cost," said Juliana to her ignorant daughter, Derecka.
by Teh Gophz February 29, 2008
Canado-Asian children with a peculiar interest in children.
"Hello there little girl, do you want candy?" said Alex.
"No sir, my mother told me to stay away from Inus," said Juliana.
by Teh Gophz February 26, 2008
A weird kid that likes hockey.
"Go Flyers, you're gonna win the cup this year!"
by shitakiman October 06, 2003
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