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A List of rules that most kids are shown at a young age about how to be safe on the internet when in reality The internet Is never a safe place and You cannot Protect yourself In it.
(in theory) Parent: Here are the internet Rules
kid: Yay now can be Safe!

(In reality)
Typical Internet chat forum

kid:Hi guys
guy 1: F U
guy 2: brah i will ddoxx yu
Guy3:?i stole ur dog
guy4: (NOT SPAM) Have Free Money!!

(One Safety rule)
If a guy harrasses you tell a parent or guardian


kid: moooom this guys theatening me!
2 days later
guy: i stole ur Bank money your life insurance your Food, i will destroy you

internet safety is so not A fake reality of People who belive everything should be rainboys and ponies
by Wolfu July 24, 2016
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