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1. n. Kind of like the internet, but more retarded.

2. proper n. A name by which to call friends, especially on the interbutt and particularly when addressing them.
1. "There's some hilarious shit on that interbutt."

2. "Hey thar interbutt."
by E. Roswell's J00 July 27, 2006
I'm looking at UD on the interbutts!
by J-Neeners February 01, 2009
The most retarded term for internet ever. And there are alot of retarded terms for it.
Idiot: liek omfg wut r u doin?!?!111 u cnt do that on teh interbutt!!!1111
Smart person: First of all, I'm using my personal computer on my modem, I can do whatever the fuck I want. Second of all, that is the most retarded term for internet I have ever heard. Go back to 4chan, you /b/tard.
by doyaneedtakno August 19, 2007