Intellectuals are those who:

- Enjoy art and literature nobody else cares about, and think they are superior to everyone else because of it
- Believe education should serve some undefined "higher purpose" than preparing people for the real world
- Claim that language is a beautiful art form rather than a means of communication
- Love to argue that capitalism is evil despite having no understanding of basic economics
- Dream of living anywhere but where they actually do live; usually a far less affluent society
- Believe that our own society is degrading or becoming a cultural wasteland, because people would rather watch TV than go see a play written in the 1600's
- Are the most fiery supporters of evolution, yet dislike people who pursue their evolutionary desires
- Convince themselves to hate parties and sports to cover up their lack of social/athletic ability
- Can't stand the idea of leaving their tiny bubble that is academia
- Believe that anyone who enjoys sports must be a mindless jock with the IQ of a gorilla
- Love to advertise how much they "think for themselves," yet somehow always agree with each other on everything

Not to be confused with the word "intelligent"
The philosophy ph.D takes great pride in being an intellectual.
by mesnj January 26, 2011
Someone who overuses sarcasm to death.
NPC: I got through more jobs then you socks.
Intellectual: Really? Because you smell like you're wearing your only pair.
by The Magnificent Bloke September 14, 2007
A person whose education surpasses their intelligence.
Our intellectual president has a master's of business administration.
by E47my5hit&D1E January 30, 2007
in reality a boring bisexual.
"you're not an intellectual, you're just another boring bisexual."
by Holly February 10, 2008
Word that people who have no good looks associate themselves with in order to have some self-worth.
A person who brags about being an intellectual truly lacks self-esteem.
by Mr.Pibb February 02, 2009
Used to describe rap or hip hop music containing and excessive amount words and phrases, to the point where the meaning of the verse becomes difficult to understand or appreciate.
That guy has flow, but some of his stuff is way too intellectual - I can hardly make sense of all the words.
by andrew May 08, 2006
Someone who thinks they are better than the "commen people".
George Orwell (aka Eric Blair) hated intellectuals.
by 'sup P February 16, 2005

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