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from the phoenix slang, a combination of intern and retard. somebody who is paid to do nothing but ask questions, take up time from people who do real work and build crappy models that fall apart.
hey intard, why don't you do something productive, like get me some coffee.
by tormentedsoulradiomix June 06, 2006
A cross of a retard and inbreded person:
The intard used his hair dryer in the shower to save time.
by Frank Stocum July 23, 2010
A combination of insane and retard. A title given to only the most fucked up and crazy people you know.

Trying to land on people from a building to kill them: Insane
Trying to bounce by wrapping yourself in rubber bands: Retarded.
Thinking you'll survive landing on someone from 5 stories up because you're wrapped in rubber bands: Intarded.
Lisa is so intarded she tried to make shoes out of banana's to be taller.
by GiantChiprel January 11, 2012
A not-so-useful intern incapable of performing the simplest of tasts.
who hired this intard !" or "that summer hire is intarded when is he going back to school?"
by tobywords June 24, 2010
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