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Instant karma is, for you low minded children, like paying back for 'sins' almost imediantly after you commit it. Karma is an idea from Buddhism and Hinduism. Talk bad about the Dali Llama, and you'll get some instant karma. SAVE TIBET!
Bobby kicked his sisters cat. Because of instant karma, he fell going down the stairs five minutes later. Bobby is a dumb ass bastard, and he deserved it.
by December 28, 2003
It's gonna get you.
instant karma's gonna get you
gonna look you right in the face
better get yourself together, darlin'
by enjuneer December 24, 2003
Umm, sorry actually Instant Karma was released ten years before Lennon was shot.

Great song! Go Lennon!
I think instant karma should be applied to those who think Lennon released Instant Karma in 1980.
by Sarajane August 20, 2004
A tranquiliser...obviously :P
Florrie had once mentioned instant karma to Henry, but he thought it was a kind of tranquiliser
by actions_speak_louder_than_worms August 29, 2003
A song that John Lennon released right before he was shot and killed.see irony
I don't believe in Karma but if you do then don't release a song like Instant Karma cause IT WILL GET YOU!
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