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the act of spreading ones ass cheeks and farting, producing a cloud of rancid ass instantaneously making the room smell like queen latifah's queef.
While Jake was sleeping, Bogart violated his face with insta-stink. =^.^=
by shootermkgav1n January 19, 2010
When any person rips a fart in front of a fan (rotating preferred) while an unexpecting person in the room with you gets to enjoy that sweet sweet anal vapour, hence insta-stink cause it instantly stinks.
While laying in bed with our fan blowing on us I ripped a rather large fart and the insta-stink went up my girlfriend's nose. Who needs the old fashoned dutch oven when you can use this perfect odour enhancer.
by Devon & Susan June 17, 2006
When one's fart is so volatile that the instant it is released it stinks up the room. Also known as "immediate stink".
Alex: I just farted, and I would re-locate NOW because it just may be an insta-stink!

Sarah: ::is already running away::
by Sarah3107 October 11, 2010

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