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Short for instant favorite. Used when the option 'favorite' is available to show you like something.
"I was on DeviantArt the other day and found this awesome photograph, which was a total insta-fav in my opinion."
by TehShush March 09, 2009
Liking a YouTube video so much that within the first roughly ten seconds of watching it, you instantly favourite the video.
You (Thinking in head): "I love this video! (Just started watching)"
You (Commenting on video): "Great video! 5/5, instafav. :)"
by Itachi_love June 15, 2011
insta-fav is a word describing something you instantly love and/or consider your favourite; it is a combination of 'instant' and 'favourite'. Pronounced "insta fave".
Dude! I totally insta-fav that shirt!
I'm insta-faving that picture you drew, it's so awesome
Cool shoes - insta-fav!
by The_Aliway. July 18, 2010
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