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incorrect Frenglish translation of the French verb inspirer

Inspirate, per se, does not exist in English. The French term inspirer translated into English, is actually the verb to inspire in correct English, not Inspirate. Although, I will concede one point; inspiration in French does indeed translate to inspiration in English.
by Sexydimma April 13, 2013
To move, arouse, affect or motivate by way of influence.
The term Inspirate became popular through a vice documentary interview with an exotic dancer from the famous Atlanta strip club "Magic City" in which the dancer stated that urban rappers and strippers "Inspirate" each other.
"We inspirate them, I believe, as far as what they rap about, strippers, poles, money, all that that, and we feed off of it because they come in and play the song and throw the money. People actually do what the songs are talking about, so we enjoy each other, its like back and forth." -Dancer Passion from Magic City strip club in Atlanta, Georgia.
by Omek PMK OFA April 12, 2013
INSPIRATE: the effect and subsequent act of revision that occurs upon receiving a document that communicates information in a superior manner to that which you have created. Similar to plagiarism but acceptable when author of superior doc is advised of your intent of homage.
Thank you for including me in your list of contacts. Do you mind if I inspirate your profile?
by Deschoique January 20, 2012

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