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Used to describe something or someone that is both insane and idiotic. Created April 2007 in Decatur, IL at the Decatur Herald & Review Newspaper.
It's hard to tell just how insidiotic Rick James was, but "Super Freak" will always be pure genius.
by Adam Flagg June 11, 2007
12 3
The slow painful way someone who is following a completely derailed train of logic will support or arrive at the most absurdly stupid conclusions.
Watching her Barbie-doll Brain work it's insidiotic pattern was like rubbernecking at an auto accident.

The insidiotic monologue he delivered made me seek out the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard.

Listening to her insidiotic explanation of how the colors on traffic lights were actually reversed, I realized that some people didn't have to really understand anything as long as they followed the rules.
by Ironheart January 22, 2011
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