To be in something or somewhere.
1. Anna was inside her house.
2. My dog, Rover, was inside his doghouse.
by Katrina ((Kitty)) September 17, 2005
Top Definition
There are many comfortable things to sit on. Somtimes there's a box with moving images on it. You don't have to talk to anyone and people don't bug you. Somtime you get sent outside though. Look up outside for more info.
Please let me go inside now.
by Adam Sownie April 22, 2005
Inside has developed from being a preposition simply meaning withing a building, to meaning just about anywhere in the world. It is an incredibly unhelpful way to assist anyone who is in genuine need of assistance in locating something. It can also be a reference to someone's testes.
Tesch: "Have you guys seen my pregnancy test?"
Shoey: "Yeah, it's inside."
Rena: "Inside."
Sein: "Inside."
D-Ran: "Inside, Brutha."
Tomoi: "Inside THESE GUYS." (Points to testes)
by Shoey February 19, 2008
A girls inside of vagina.
Ashton: Man guess what I did last night?!
Chad: What did you do?
Ashton: I touched some insides!
Chad:You got some??
by SexxyPartyy August 17, 2008
something you say, after you've joked with your friends in front of a group of other people and they look baffled...
(standing in front of the choir)
K: (yells)Spinach McWaffles
N & W: LOL, Ha Ha, etc...
(choir gives a baffled look)
K: oh, inside....
by Chris'Star' March 19, 2008
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