This person has no athletic ability at all....I mean NONE. Completely uncoordinated, for example can't even manage to drive a car without wrecking it (usually this is a "girly" car). This person tends to lack all fashion sense while resembling a human version of donkey kong. They usually travel in packs to night clubs and struggles to meet girls. Uncontrollable bragging usually results with words such as "executive", "millions", "mercedese" and "vp" being used repeatedly. (Similarity to the characters in "Night at the Roxberry").
He went out clubbing with his crew. What a bunch of Inkses!
I just "inksed" and am so embarassed.
John can't help it...he's an inks.
by RC_electric December 05, 2010
"ink paid"
by noixz January 15, 2009
in DC slang it means money. Ink refers to the dollar's ink. Also used as inked up meaning having money
That broads a gold digger. She only on my nuts cuz I stay inked up.
by yo muvva August 02, 2005
Gang tattoos
“ OK let me see your INK.’’
by VAKI5 November 01, 2003
a term used instead of other words like homie.
What up, whats good with you ink?
by someone91 February 14, 2008
Improv art is a form of art invented by A. Otterness in late 2004. Improv-art is usually used with the medium ink and metal brush on thick watercolor paper. You dip your metal brush into your ink and you make up your painting as you go. You have no rough draft, no pre-drawing, no tracing; just let your immagination flow through your metal brush, and into the ink that stains the paper.
A. Otterness has almost 45 individual ink paintings, and hundreds of marker and watercolor drawings and paintings.
by Aaron Otterness January 03, 2006
I coated her cans with ink.
by pmc November 02, 2002

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