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someone who steals food from your kitchen with no explanation what so ever. he will take all your food without asking
Did you see how much food he took?

Yeah what an inigo.
by No Balls MeGee August 13, 2011
A truly awesome person, often blinds people with awesomeness if looked directly at. Considered highly explosive.
Wow that dude's so awesome it hurts my eyes, he must be an Inigo!
by Jerry Farr April 16, 2015
A twat who is incredibly abusive and wanks to midget porn
Oh look it's an Inigo wanking off to midget porn!
by Fireworktree69 January 04, 2016
A person that does not eat large amounts of food at a chinease resturant, when obviously one should.
"whyd they choose the buffet if they were gonna be an inigo?!"
by Jason gooding October 29, 2005
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