Used to describe a style of subculture for those closely associated with indie music. Indie people generally:

Listen to: Arcade Fire, tilly on the wall, tokyo police club, bishop allen, tv on the radio, The Ting Tings, Bright Eyes, cold war kids, The faint, ghostland observatory, of montreal, Interpol, bloc party... as a general rule, if its from the UK its usually pretty good. \Also they get disinterested as soon as a band gets big and signs with a major record label (examples - death cab for cutie, modest mouse, Franz Ferdinand, the killers, the strokes, arctic monkeys)

Wear: converse shoes, stripes, band shirts, vintage clothing, leather jackets, tight fitting jeans, messenger bags, thick rimmed glasses,

Eat: organic wraps, vegan foods, coffee

own: flight of the Concords on dvd, Donnie Darko, the science of sleep, fight club, garden state, microKORG, vintage record player, acoustic guitar, tambourine.

regular dude - Hey you wanna come with me to the maroon 5 concert this Friday?

Indie Kid - no thanks, I would rather stay at home and paint while listening to fleet foxes.
by JosieJO April 12, 2009
origionally bands without a record label.
Now a variety of bands tht get worse by the minute, most indie is more depressing than emo, each song boring after 2 times worth of hearing it, and hooribly over played, because indie is the new "in"
most indie ppl say they are different and "individual" this cannt be true as they are indie, also most are just trendies and dont actually like the music!!!
guy:hey are you going to leeds fest?
indie kid:yeah of course
guy:what bands are you going to see?
indie kid:you mean bands play there
guy:i just dont want to talk to you
indie kid:just because im better than you and more individual than youll evere be
by milner April 13, 2005
a type of rock music, which is defined by the "independent" labels its published by. listening to indie music is often a badge of membership in certain hipster social circles. indie rock bands often evade commercial success (intentionally or not), but the instant they become popular with anyone not in the "in crowd", or they get air play on commercial radio, their old fan bases dissolve, accusing the bands of "selling out".
aside from sonic youth, every indie band i've ever listened to, has disappointed me
by minghi April 26, 2003
Indie (independent) rock. While once more of a meaningful genre with independent bands on independent record labels, it is now emo's up and coming brother, loved by both annoying scenesters and mainstream fans alike. Being on a mainstream label kind of defeats the purpose of being called "indie."
Indie kid: Hey, let's go listen to Interpol or the Blood Brothers.
Emo kid: Sure, they're pretty cool. Maybe we could listen to some Bright Eyes afterwards, and cry or something.
Indie kid: I can't believe how cool we are.
by Charles Haunch May 01, 2005
Indie = independent (usually rock-orientated) music

Indie rock = full one oneself (at least quite often)
To "be cool" with the other indie rock folks, I must have an extensive record collection with minimal well-known rock titles, have a working turntable and plenty of vinyl to go with it, easily dismiss others, think I'm better, over analyze others, and overall have an attitude that makes people not want to associate with the scene. ... nice job, everyone. nice job
by Chuck October 05, 2003
indie is another word for independent. someone who wants to be something other than wot everyone else is. the problem is theres only so many things u can be so in the end indie is just another word for someone who thinks there different by wearing all the same stuff the other different people wear.
Kind of like an emo in denial.

INDIE: i'm so different and independent; i dont wear any of this adidas rubish or listen to "rock". i wear converse and listen to music people have never heard of... like muse and other famous bands.

Kind of contradictionary.
by Jackish September 29, 2005
Best Indie band ever: The Kings of Leon
best indie band, in the world ever: the kings of leon
by pettigo November 18, 2005
Indie is music for people who have scraggly beards and thick glasses, wear lots of brown, and never take their ipod headphones off. Found largely on college campuses, most indie kids think they are cool, but actually nerds in total denial about how much they suck.
I used to play Dungeons and Dragons and listen to Smash Mouth, but now I'm indie.
by Wes Carroll October 03, 2005

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