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Despite roots in the word "independant", indie has become anything but that. Being indie now involves listening to music that is top of the chart and so mainstream it is actually impossible to enjoy eg. snow patrol, arctic monkeys, and wearing clothes and hair exactly the same as the person walking alongside them, whatever their gender may be. Strangely, clothes, hair and music is now extremely similar to emo, only less black. Being indie commonly involves worshipping NME like it is holy scripture, again reducing their once independant status to mindless sheep.
Indie kid: "Man I've just heard the new Arctic Monkeys single, it's great how they understand and manage to emphasise the chav culture whilst pushing fun at it"

Anyone else: Shut up.
by Sting2688 April 09, 2007
One who works in a certain industry and demonstrates habits/characteristics because of it; or uses terminology relevant only to that industry.
1)Lindsey says: "I was the closer tonight and we were slammed! I was in the weeds for 2 hours after getting triple sat. Luckily the double L bussed my section for me before she got cut."

Leigh: "You're such an Indie".

2)At the restaraunt we had dinner at, Lindsey was being such an Indie. She collected all the menus from our friends and handed them to our server when we were done ordering."
by Indie1 February 27, 2007
The popular new buzzword describing slightly off-beat music and movies that cost less than 4 million dollars (but generally more than 1) to make regardless of whether or not the album or film in question is independent of anything. See also Alternative.
And idiot would consider the films Garden State, Adaptation, or Sideways to be "indie." That idiot might also stupidly assume The Killers, Radiohead, or The Pixies to be "indie."
by Joey Ratz May 17, 2005
Music created by emo kids with acoustic guitars, or other obscure instruments that have no real purpose but to create distracting noise.
man im so indie, look at me and my acoustic guitar singing my poorly written love song.
by ByteMii September 26, 2009
An elitist.
Most claim to 'just be themselves', but really STRIVE to be unique. They brag about how different they are.
They listen to bands no one has heard of to feel superior.
They also irrationally hate any other kind of people and music.

Extremely annoying people for the above reasons.

You really are not cool. You are NOT better than anyone else, and you're music is not better than any other. I'll be honest here; I've been called indie - and I might even be as I don't fit into any steriotype. But that's because I really do only do, listen to and wear what I like. I do not really like indie music that much - I like what I like; which can include all sort of stuff, but mostly varied forms of metal, rock and hard rock and also swing. I don't think I'm cool, especially not because I'm different - and I don't have to claim that I'm unique to make myself feel good or superior.

I'd also like to mention their is nothing wrong with emo music - though I do not listen to it much myself. Also, as was implied in another submission, Trivium and Cradle of Filth are not emo. Both are bands which I quite enjoy.
I'm indie; I'm so cool. I'm different and I only like things that no one else does - but thats really what I like of course. I hate goths and emos and chavs and preps and and genre of music other than indie.
by 2e November 20, 2006
As a fashion statement-- indie is the less pathetic step-sibling of emo. It dresses better, is smarter, gets more dates, and has a slightly firmer grip on reality. It must be said, though, that although Indie doesn't cry at shows like Emo does, he/she will go home and cry ABOUT shows while writing in his/her journal. (see excerpt below)
The Fruit Bats show tonight was so fucking amazing. There was this one part when they went into like this twenty minute jam session and..oh my god. I actually died a little.

*tear strikes the page. the ink bleeds. indie cred skyrockets*
by samothrace May 17, 2006
indie is the greatest type of music ever. it is short for independant and is different to other music. `indie` bands normally dont have labels or didnt and know do. new bands are kaiser chiefs and arctic monkeys

indie is also a social group like goths or chav. these are independant and do their own thing.
Poser - im so kool i smoke like all the kool kids
Indie kid - ur a faggot u follow everyone else
by Daniel R. January 12, 2006