"Indie" has become a vague term. It stands for a type of music, a type of lifestye, and even a whole "look".

The Type Of Music:Independantly recorded, on the mellow side(unknown, independant recorded:hip-hop/hardcore/emo bands are <b>not</b> Indie!)

The Look: The Indie look is all about vintage. That means thrift stores, T-shirts of obscure/old bands,Blazers (you wear it over the T-shirt) ripped/tight jeans, shaggy hair, big sunglasses.(think The Strokes. The Strokes lifestyle before becoming famous was the epitome of Indie, they owned nothing that was made after 1980, they were slumming in new york apartments, and some were heavily into Heroin)

The Lifestyle: Most "Indie" kids are: White. Drive old cars. Live together in rented out, very old homes/or shitty apartments, and are extremely poor and slumming. Many indie kids are heavy into drugs. Indie kids are very exclusive with who they choose to hang out with, and sometimes form "Crews". Indie kids sometimes listen to Gangster Rap, sort of as a joke. (haha)

Some bands that have the "Indie" sound, but are technically not Indie because of their popularity are: The Shins, Rooney, Modest Mouse, Hot Hot Heat, The Strokes. Etc.
Type Of Music: <i>Sean</i>:My bands going on tour soon
<i>groupie</i>:oh really? is anything you play on the radio?
<i>Sean</i>:Hell no..we're Indie fuck corporate radio, we're all about the music, not the popularity or money!

The Look: <i>Sean</i>: Fuck I just got a dope ass tweed Blazer at Savers for 10 bucks! I'm gonna wear it over my Deathcab For Cutie shirt!
<i>groupie</i>You're Soo INdie<33!

The Lifestyle: <i>Sean</i>: My parents are filthy rich.. but I moved out into an old ass apartment with 3 friends, we dont have a computer or TV, we get fucked up all day and work just enough to get by, we play guitar and make out with girls that have shaggy hair. We're soo indie!
by _tweed_bizzle_ February 16, 2005
1. Short for independant, usually music, as in independant label, independantly produced, etc. It DOES NOT have a particular sound since it really only refers to label and production (bands such as Modest Mouse and Of Montreal sound nothing alike, yet they are both indie).

2. Can also refer to stores or businesses that aren't part of chains.

3. Listeners are not flowery scene kids, as is generally believed. However, listeners MAY be stoned.

4. Is awesome.
Wal-Mart is to indie as brussel sprouts is to tasty.
by ConcertBish? November 28, 2009
A misnomer for a particular style of music. It formerly was used to correctly classify music that was "underground" and not supported by major music labels. Popular thought in recent years has been that it is itself a style of music, usually 80's throwback, alternitive-style music.

Any band in any style of music can be indie by virtue of not being signed.The style is not important; it is independence from major labels that makes a band independent, or "indie". This idea has been lost due to the popularity of the term indie as it is used today.

The reason it became so popular is because to like indie music, in its correct sense, was respectable because you're bypassing the corporate music machine and finding music that you like on your own. As more and more hipster-type kids wanted to appear as deep as possible, they would answer the question "What kind of music do you like?" with "Indie." As time went on, this answer became so popular that the music that many of them listened to started to be referred to as indie. After a while of this, bands that are on major labels started to be absorbed into this pseudo-genre, rendering it an oxymoron.

Since the loosely associated music that is referred to as indie cannot properly be grouped and classified, a more appropriate label for what is erroneously referred to as indie would be "scene." The scene kids are often more concerned with being opinionated and elitist about their music choice than they are about the music itself. Scene fashion trends include tight pants, square-rimmed glasses, tight vintage-looking t-shirts, newsboy caps, military-style caps, and tattoos of stars, guns or bullets, and especially birds. Making the "scene" (i.e. a concert),being popular, and being narcissistic are the main motivations of scene kids. They often do their best to display that they possess these qualities on social networking sites like MySpace.
Jim: You should check out this band.
Frank: Oh yeah? What kind of music are they?
Jim: Indie.
Frank: OK, so they're not signed... I mean what genre are they?
Jim: Dude, I told you. Indie.
Frank: You're such a tool.

Billy: Oasis is like, the coolest indie band ever.
Mark: Man, you are totally clueless.
Billy: Please. Music is my life. I would die without music. My taste is superb. How dare you criticize me?
Mark: Wow. You're hopeless. I'm leaving.
Billy: Good. I have to blog about how awesome the concert I went to last night was and post the 30 pictures I took of myself there on MySpace.
by SmashCrab March 12, 2008
when you're musically alone (..sighsigh)
Indie Kid: Yey! This song by Blur is great?
Anybody else: ...Bl..who?
I.K. Blur!...I mean one of the best bands in the world...come on!Blur!Damon Albarn...Dan Abnormal...come on!....
A.e. ah?
I.K. ....oh, -the whoo hoo song-
A.e. yey!whoo hoo!great song really...then, have you heard the last avril lavigne song? she really rocks!
I.K. Oh,fuck
by DaisyBell(I.K.) February 15, 2005
Music of bands on independent labels. It is often mistaken as emo however, indie music is just better than emo music at so many levels and in so many ways. The lyrics are meaningful, clever and the tunes are generally pleasent and clever for the ears too as opposed to the fakely depressing, nasal-sounding moanings and whinings which emos call music. I'd say all emos should just go kill themselves because they obviously have no knowledge of music.

Cool Kid "Oh yeah, what's the name of that song by that indie band My Chemical Romance?"

Indie Kid (-thinks "fuck off and die"-) says "fuck off and get some musical knowledge. And grow some charisma and perhaps some sticky outy ears while you're at it. But you're not smart enough to do all those things so you might as well just die."

Cool Kid "God, i thought you were an indie kid."

Indie Kid "Just go, get away from me now!"
by ZZzzamy November 05, 2006
Indie is just another trend, like anything else. Its the bastard child of emo. How to be indie - read pitchfork every single day, pretend to be into many genres of music, talk about bands as convoluded as you possible can, constantly try and find some obscure peice of music that nobody else has, say that its not as good as thier old stuff about every new album by any band that has a previous release, conform to the artistic nuancues within - its a bit like dada, read existentialist literature, wear blazers scarves, tight pants, "cool" artsy tshirts, pretend like you are not just part of another group by claiming complete originality, live in a slummy apartment, be "spontaneous" and "random", make shitty electronic music with your laptop and synthesizer, drink vitamin water all the time, smoke cigarettes, be super choosy about friends and pretend like indie people are the only "real" people, dont forget, you are totally original!
Lamer 1:Hey, did you get the new autechre?

Lamer 2:uuuuh - yeah! its not as good as thier old stuff.

Lamer 1:fuck you there isnt a new autechre - youre not indie anymore

Lamer 2:omg i wanna die nobody likes me! - i wish there was a place that could tell me how to be hippest all the time!

by dingus malingus April 07, 2006
Form of rock music, short for independent. Bands such as the Libertines, the Cribs, Dirty Pretty Things the Coral etc are indie bands, however, bands such as razorlight, the wombats, the feeling are indie pop, and should all be shot dead
"Carl Barat is indie"

"Why do people think scouting for girls are indie? They're a shite pop group!"
by shaunyeah? April 01, 2008
Anything (band with independent label, style, person, etc.) that is 'independent'.

Bands are considered indie if they are independent label and make almost no money at all.

Kids generally call themselves indie when they shop at thrift stores. After their escapades in the thrift store, they then buy thousand-dollar Nikon cameras and a polaroid. They take loads of pictures from strange angles, take pointless pictures (such as shoes), and take provocative pictures (but to them, it's not provocative - it's indie).

These people then bitch to normal people about how 'normal' is overrated and that listening to mainstream music shows that you have no individuality.

Apparently, the only way to be an individual is to buy cheap-ass clothes that have been worn by who knows how many people, waste your time and money, and preach to others.
Indie Guy: What are you listening to?

John: Dynamite by Taio Cruz - man this shit has a sick beat.

Indie Guy: Wow. Way to completely turn over your individual soul and personality to the corporate music industry. Find mental maturity through real music by bands that nobody knows.

John: Dude. Shut up.

Indie Guy: I'm gonna go take some pictures of some stupid shit like dirt now.

John: Stupid ass indie kid.
by the kid 101 September 17, 2010
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