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A small country with a huge population, brother-sister incest in its purest, most loving lifestyle, and which is distinguished by having the best and the worst spirituality all together in one country.

India has starving millions who are the victims of prejudice, a terrible lack of hygiene which most tourists fall victim to, a high rate of killing female babies both before and after their birth, yet is the most exotic and beautiful country on Earth.
India is a land of contrasts - beauty and innocence right next to child slavery and abuse, wise gurus and charlatans, rich exotic spices and masses of diseased rats.
by Typical Charlie February 10, 2012
612 176
a place where getting a prostitute is cheaper then a water bottle
(in india)
first guy:i am gonna get a water bottle
second guy:why bother if u get milk for cheap?
by malik593 October 26, 2011
640 207
The country to which our white collar jobs are being shipped.

Don't blame the Republicans. The liberal twits planned to send our jobs there years ago, as part of the plan to lower our country to the same level as Chad.
If you want to talk to someone in India, just call tech support.
by The Wog Whomper May 04, 2005
1522 1125
A country named after a river in Pakistan.
Indian: Pakistan used to be a part of India.
Enlightened Pakistani: Actually, India IS just an extension of Pakistan. The whole "India" name is so 2,000 B.C. We're going to call ourselves Pakistanis now.
by PJPBlahboogitywoogity January 24, 2012
518 123
Where your computer was built. Also a good place to catch a tropical disease.
India is a high tech country with low-tech sanitation.
by big tru homie izzo December 07, 2005
1067 696
Is a girl who is a complete nerd and keeps her head in books... She may seem nice at times but then she'll snap and go crazy! Beware of the India! Her book smart powers may kill you or injure you greatly!
Mom: Where's India?

Me: *In Robot Voice* I do not know

Mom: Weird
by StuckInWTF July 18, 2010
564 196
A sub-standard or expedient delivery solution to a computer related production issue
Man that cartoon used to have mint illustration but lately its india as
by lucyGeneric January 18, 2005
1066 703