Short for Inderella, which is short for Cinderella. Has two ugly stepsisters and a fairy godmother named Richa. Meets Prince Charming Anushri at the ball. Can't remember the rest of the story
You shall go to the ball, Inders!
by Not Richa August 19, 2004
Top Definition
the best guy ever, everyone loves him and everyone wants to be him
that guy is such an inder
by hukki May 07, 2011
Slang name for testicles.
Those are some really big inders. I want to lick them.
by Not Richa August 19, 2004
the best indian girl ever ; gorgeous, beautiful and confident
dayyyyumm that girl is such an inder!
by sharky21 February 05, 2010
Brown hindoo wiseass.
That dude is so inder, it's a slow slide into death for him...
by Dennis Sean Stacey April 14, 2005
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