A Word Only Andy Phouphayry And Andy McDonald May Use.
Noone Else may use the word. Well I don't really care.
Anthony: Hey ninja , that kid is fat hahahaha.
Andy: Indeed
by Andy Phouphayry November 27, 2005
Kevin has obviously never lived in the UK, indeed is not youre word you son of a bitch, i hate you and hope you burn in the same ring of hell as hitler and Ghandi. Indeed really means: in fact it means "indeed", as in "in" "deed".
guy1: hey, dustin do you want to go get some tasty smooth pudding and run for president?
Dustin for pres in 96: Indeed
by Dusitn for pres in 96 April 24, 2005
The catchphrase of a Truffle.
"Indeed" said Mr. Godfrey.
by General_Truffles March 10, 2003
A famous RinkXing catchphrase used to own chickens and pies

Indeed he did
by RinkXing April 05, 2005
Some fucking pretentions bastard who uses correct capitilization and punctuation to make himself sound bitchin. Fo' shizzle my nizzle bitch.
Indeed I am a moron.
Indeed. © 2003, Grace
Indeed. © 2003, Grace
by Nitemare May 03, 2003
Kevin's Word, no one else, never.
Me: Indeed.
You: Oh really now?
by Kevin June 12, 2004
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