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Tuner Cars are often mistaken for rice burners. However, a tuner car is usually built by someone with a real knowledge of car performance and aerodynamics (as opposed to a ricer, who knows how to make his car handle like crap and attract police attention)

Tuner cars usually have the latest performance enhancing devices, such as a Turbocharger, Sports Exhaust System, Performance ECU, Upgraded Engine/Suspension/Audio Systems, and the babe to go with it all.

These cars are driven by tuners, probably the best people you will ever meet (if you can stand their constant garble about car performance :P)
Wow, that Tuner Car (tuned) Skyline sounds and looks and goes a lot better than the ricer silvia I just saw.

Tuners > Ricers

I like ham and cheese.
by Clontarf[X] January 25, 2004
Often driven by a ricer, these heavily modified japanese import cars are a little better than turbo-charging your mums kettle. Often seen with a rear aerodynamical device called a "wing", they are mistaken for a Shopping Trolley or toilet-with-handles.

Usually seen outside your local massive shopping center or cultural center, they make themselves seen by revving their engines while driving at 10kms/hr so as that they are noticed.

Australians typically hate rice burners and ricers. Rice burners are often mistaken for tuner cars, which look similar, but the person in charge usually knows what they are doing.

Usually, a rice burner's additions serve only to increase the weight, damage costs and yellow stickers (oz), for little or no effect.
OMG I just blew off that loud rice burner in my tuned XF Fairmont Ghia (oz car). Is it just me or did it sound like its exhaust had fallen off?

My 97kw 76 HJ Kingswood (oz car) owns your pos rice burner.
by Clontarf[X] January 25, 2004
Often used by chat whores. This word is used to agree with something in a professional manner. Also used to kill off a particularly un-interesting conversation, or to agree with a female without looking too conspicuous.
"Hey clonny, are you that guy that was wearing the blue and white jesters hat doing the monkey dance on the admin table?"

by Clontarf[X] January 25, 2004

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