A word commonly used amongst the youth of California, primarily in Berkeley and Santa Barbara. "Indeed" is synonymous with "trademark" or "cool habit", stemming from the idea that it's an "IN deed", or an action that is trendy; in-style.
"That hat is his Indeed. Pretty cool, huh?"
"I keep trying to develop an Indeed, but it's hard to get a good idea. . ."
"That Dan sure has an awesome, unique Indeed."
by Daisy Lover August 19, 2009
It's like saying yes, only not. Mostly used when you agree with something, but could go the other way if you felt like it.
"I want you to add another buff to the healing NPC."



"You're not going out there, are you?"

by Kyithios February 22, 2009
a word that defines itself. also, used to prove to certain people when you have copyrighted a word.
guy: hey thats my word!
girl: indeed, it is. but i already copyrighted it.
by keepxthexpeace January 01, 2009
When in a setting where you really shouldn't say naughty words -FUCK, especially.
You can simply say indeed instead... and it's basically like saying "FUCK YESSSS!" Only, polite enough for grandparents to hear and not have a stroke.
"Well, I decided to get you unlimited texting and a brand new car, oh, and a sculpture of cheese, like you always wanted.."

by Alyssssssa November 27, 2007
a word used when someone is telling you about their problems and frankyl you dont give a buffalos ass
Joe:...i just broke up with my long time girlfriend Susie
by Dylowned July 30, 2005
is not a legit word.
indeed i am not legit because i used the word indeed
by chadwik5000 May 18, 2008
A word to confirm a sexual act; Can also be used as a verb, to indeed. *Best used in a moan or sexual manner.
Emma: I'm horny.
Wes: Indeed.
Emma: Indeed my bodyyy.
Wes: I'm gonna indeed in your face. ;]
by Wes & Emma April 27, 2008

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