When one sucks at choosing.
Why are you so indecisive about picking a movie?
by Nest September 29, 2005
Top Definition
having the power to determine an outcome but not being able to decide on a conclusion / unable to make up your mind / can't decide.
Sean Kingston - "She's Indecisive, She can't decide"
by Danny_P July 04, 2010
Indecisive. See: woman.
Man: Where would you like to get dinner?
Indecisive Woman: I dunno.
Man: Really? Anywhere is fine by me.
Woman: I dunno.
Man: All right, let's go to Le Truffle.
Woman: Fine.
(At Le Truffle)
Woman (under her breath): God, I hate Le Truffle.
Man: What's that? Is something wrong, honey?
Woman: Nothing.
Man: Really?
Woman: I dunno.
by Wallbridge December 20, 2005
When you aren't able to make up your mind, or having a hard time deciding something.
I didn't know what I wanted to do! I was completely indecisive.
by Liv Defines July 11, 2016
A person that can never make decisions at all especially when you want to go out it will take the whole day just to decide to stay in the house and watch una pelicula!!!<3
Venita is so indecisive!!! She is the worst person to make decisions with!!!
by Double D's 505 October 03, 2010
Someone who cannot make their own decisions
@kuumbaye is so indecisive that he relies on twitter followers to choose his dinner for him.
by doublek2k December 02, 2014
Brandon Landis
We stood on the porch for for fkn ever waiting for brandon to decide where he wants to eat for his birthday. He is a drunk botard. He is clownshoes
by Blunt0r June 30, 2004
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