Inconsiderate idiot: Motto is "It's all about me."
Can't park straight, but so the f**k what.
by bf110c4 May 12, 2005
an inconsiderate, idiot; one who is both inconsiderate and an idiot at the same time.
When a person parks his car half blocking the road, he is being an inconsidiot
by lee heyne October 10, 2007
A person who refuses to follow social graces. This person usually fails to take a hint also.
The inconsidiot just left his trash in the breakroom.
by CChase May 09, 2007
Inconsiderate Idiot: "It's all about me".
Windows-down, slow-driving, acne-faced, teen-aged boys with the bass in their Honda Civic cranked up loud enough for your hard-of-hearing father to complain about the noise.
by bf110c4 May 12, 2005
Inconderate Idiot - "Its all about me"
The asswipe who puts a jacket/purse into the last overhead storage bin on a flight, and then gets mad if you ask him/her to move it.
by bf110c4 May 12, 2005

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