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When a bro's homosexual actions are beyond the point where saying no homo makes the action acceptable
Bro 1: *Tugs on other bro's penis for the lulz*
"No homo man"

Bro 2: Thats inabropriate
by Haywood Jablome please March 14, 2010
when a bro does something inappropriate
"dude that's a little inabropriate"
by teddy schreck April 19, 2009
A term used to describe inappropriate sexual contact, intentional or unintentional, between two bros.
Chad and Zack are watching a basketball game. They are sitting on the couch enjoying some chips. They both reach in for the chips at the same time and accidentally touch hands.

Zack: Whoa dude! Ease up man, you totally just made a move on me!
Chad: Dude! I'm sorry man, it was a slip.
Zack: Totally inabropriate man.
by flapsforreal April 01, 2010
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