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Pronounced in-Se-ker, it is 1 of 3 words Kanye West believes are a part of the US dictionary. Assuming this word is supposed to be insecure, Kanye West's long time speech impairment or shortage of time in the studio to notice that these three words were pronounced with a speech impairment were placed into one of his ridiculously smooth flowing, awesome,unique, talented, rhythmic, original, sensual, genuine, bombtastic, tasty rhymes. To be rhymed with Cawur (Kanye West's version of Career?) and Sekur.
Kanye West - "All Falls Down" 23 seconds in

"Tell me that aint inSekur, the concept of school being so sekur, sophomore three years aint picked a cawur"

Yes this album won awards for rhymes like this.......
by Ghostbustersfreak March 23, 2010