Top Definition
an adjectve to describe something fabulous.
bomb + fantastic = bombtastic
dude, that show was totally bombtastic!
by viola. April 13, 2005
a word that means that something is so completely awesome, you can't describe it with any other word. comes from the bomb.
OMG, that's bombtastic!
by Lissie November 23, 2005
adjective-a higher level of fantastic that is almost surreal. or the fusing of an activity that is the "bomb" and a situation or mood that is already fantastic. or feeling such a good feeling during any situation that a sensation is obtained of which you believe your going to explode from sheer joy.
1) man that party last night was bombtastic

2) Bro hanging out yesterday was fantastic, but if we woulda got those hot chicks to come back with us; it woulda been bombtastic
by cursemonger54 March 24, 2011
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