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AKA Rumpelfugnutz, Rumpelfugz. A member of the opposite gender who just does not get that you are NOT into them! They are unattractive, more than likely over-flirtatious, overweight, have one lazy eye, calls you when they want "help with their homework" or is drunk with many other rumpelfugz at the bar looking to get lucky! Typically a Rumpelfugskin will get exceptionally jealous when their target, you, is DGing (Dirty Grinding) with someone other than them. Watch out for Rumpelfugz across America. They are also highly abundant in general education courses for the college level.
Person 1 - "Who is calling you?"
Person 2 - "Ah shit...... It is Rumpelfugskin!"

I was just trying to get away from Rumpelfugz but they just wouldn't quit badgering me.
by Ghostbustersfreak March 23, 2010
A sketchy individual that ditches on hanging out more often than actually following through with hanging out. They are unreliable and will never show up even if plans are made months in advance.
Day 1 -Earlier
Person 1 "Yo, you want to hang out tonight?"
Person 2 "Hells ya, 7:00 work?"
Person 1 "Yea, I will call you."

Later on (7:00)
Person 1 calls person 2 at 7:00 in 15 minute increments and no answer.

"Fuckin sketchalunk!"

The outcome is the same any day after this.
by Ghostbustersfreak March 24, 2010
Pronounced in-Se-ker, it is 1 of 3 words Kanye West believes are a part of the US dictionary. Assuming this word is supposed to be insecure, Kanye West's long time speech impairment or shortage of time in the studio to notice that these three words were pronounced with a speech impairment were placed into one of his ridiculously smooth flowing, awesome,unique, talented, rhythmic, original, sensual, genuine, bombtastic, tasty rhymes. To be rhymed with Cawur (Kanye West's version of Career?) and Sekur.
Kanye West - "All Falls Down" 23 seconds in

"Tell me that aint inSekur, the concept of school being so sekur, sophomore three years aint picked a cawur"

Yes this album won awards for rhymes like this.......
by Ghostbustersfreak March 23, 2010
1. A drunk

2. An alcoholic
1. Outside of Bar:

"Holy shit, check that guy out. He can't even stand!"

Response: "Fuckin Bottleass"

2. Walk into a bar:
"Dude, that guy is in here every night."
"Yea, he is a Bottleass."
by Ghostbustersfreak March 25, 2010
Pronounced Ka-Wer this is 2 of 3 words pronounced with a speech impairment intentionally to spice up Kanye West's rhymes on "All Fall Down." This also could have been a simple mistake made by the Producer of the album, Kanye West, not catching these mispronunciations of everyday simple words in the English language when reviewing the album thousands of times in the mixing sessions. However, this could also be some of the dope lingo that Kanye West seems to place into many of his unique, intelligent, awesome, original, phat, chronic, pleasing, cool, jazzy, talented, bitchin rhymes. Cawur should be rhymed with inSekur and Sekur.
Kanye West - "All Falls Down" 30 Seconds in

"tell me that ain't inSekur The concept of school seems so Sekur, Sophomore 3 years aint picked a Cawur"

by Ghostbustersfreak March 24, 2010
A much more superior term to emphasize bullshit. Only to be used when the bullshit perceived is higher than a normal call for the use of the word "bullshit." Can also be abbreviated, "Schoolyard," to invoke the emphasis on just exactly how ridiculous or out of line a certain situation is.
ex. 1 - Person is ditched for a steamy date. "Man that is some Schoolyard Bullshit!"

ex. 2 - Person playing Call of Duty is killed with a noobtube.
"Fuck!!! That is some Schoolyard!"

ex. 3 - Professor of general studies course gives you way more homework than any of your courses that actually pertain to your major.

Students Response - "This is some Schoolyard Bullshit!"
by Ghostbustersfreak March 25, 2010
A slang term used to describe Dirty Grinding at a bar. The D stands for Dirty and G for Grinding of course.
Guy 1 - "Dude I went to the bar and this girl was all about DGing!!"

Guy 2 - "That is off the hooooook, which bar?"
by Ghostbustersfreak March 23, 2010

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