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Being Completely Unaware of what's going on around you as you are So Extremely into what's going on right in front of your face; like anything more than 3 feet away just doesn't register in the brain.
When gymnastics are on TV, I'm Totally In The Zone Bigtime!!!!
by Starchylde January 28, 2015
Expression used to describe a state of consciousness where actual skills match the percieved performance requirements perfectly. Being in the zone implies increased focus and attention which allow for higher levels of performance. Athletes, musicians, and anybody that totally owns a challenge of physical and mental performance can be in the zone.
The Noodle Incident gets in the zone by warming up before a show.
by Kenny August 26, 2004
Term used to describe a state of mind whereby a person/machine is working/performing at peak or optimal performance. Usually applied to athletes, sportsmen/women. Not to be confused with the term high on drugs.
"Oh man that shot was lethal! He is IN THE ZONE"
by StickyGooPants June 13, 2004
A state which one enters when they are on a good one, due to drugs, alcohol, or music.
Two girls are drinking and listening to The Gorillaz.
One girl can't seem to get the other to focus on the conversation, because the other girl just wants to dance.

Convo Girl: "Are you in the zone?"

Dance Girl: "Yes."
by Gold Lady August 17, 2010
a dance one does, while working, to deter others from approaching you. Dance steps may vary but the effect is maximized while chanting "i'm in the zone" over and over just loud enough for people to hear only when very close. May resemble the "pee-pee dance" but has no real connection known to date.
hfg softly:"i'm in the zone,... get the fuck away from me,... i'm in the zone,...get away from me freak! i'm in the zone.."
the annoyer:"did you just call me a freak?"
the annoyer: "did you call ME A FREAK?" hfg:"YO,...GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!"
true story.
by hurtyflirtygirl April 19, 2006
A really shitty album by a skank.
Kevin: Dude, why do you have a fucking Britney Spears album in your car?
Jason: It's not mine, it's my sister's. Besides, I jerk off to the pictures.
by Wang Newton January 17, 2005
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