a feeling or an expression. a particular mood that a person is in weather it be happy or sad.
"i'm "In My Bag" right now. i'm not in the mood for nobody's BS!!!
by Ph!llyD!va April 22, 2010
Top Definition
the act of being in your own world; focused; being in the zone; on your grind
I be in my bag when i get in the booth.

I got an exam coming up, it's time to go in my bag and study.
by Rashine May 18, 2008
be focased, you on your shit at the moment,
you making things happen.
yeo i got all these bitties, im in my bag.

yeo im gettin that money, im in my fuckin bag.
by will beezy September 07, 2008
When you're sad and are deep down in the feels usually about a relationship
Person 1: why have you been listening to Drake a lot lately?
Person 2: I've just been in my bag since my breakup
by Drake drake April 18, 2016
the zone achieved only from being extremely drunk
Man, those last couple of shots put me in my bag

I am slipping into my bag right now
by the bag master December 03, 2009
in a bad mood. keeping to yourself and not really wanting to communicate with anyone.
I haven't seen you in over a week!! where the hell have you been?!

I lost my job last week and I've just been in my bag.
by Nasihah February 27, 2008
your fresh;; rock that the newest trends but make em your own;; stay with that top brands like true religion lucky brand rock and republic even stuff lik ae or a&f as long as its fresh!;;stayin wit fresh kick like dunks or jays or even sum fly ass heels;;havin a swaqq that is swaggerific
i jus got those new trues"im in my bag"

my swagg is crazyy"im in my bag"
by Ms.In My Bag August 10, 2008
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