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a bunch of insecure people who all think they are so fuckin cool, and they have to make fun of everyone else who they dont consider to be 'cool' ha! cool is being an individuall not being exactly the same as the people you call frends. define waiting!
by social_distortion May 20, 2003
97 37
They are people who hang out with the popular people. Usually insecure and wants attention.
This kid is fucking insecure and always hang out with that popular group of people. In crowder
by go bitch about my definition February 11, 2006
50 23
A group of people who know the specifics or details about certain things such as games, programs, chatboxes and forums.
'so anyway, i looked at this guy's ping and was about 900 peaking 1200 and he was still playing normal....'
'dude, NOT part of the in-crowd'
by _TwiTch_ September 15, 2005
7 5
These people are the elite, the choice, jet setters in higher fashion, culture and society
and often unfairly looked down on with jealousy by the out crowds and venerable kids.
Where upper crust, where the "In Crowd"
by Donnie Carmelo July 18, 2006
40 56
Popular kids. Not so bad once you get to know 'em. Don't be hatin' cause we're too cool 4 u.
Those anime-drawing freaks have a problem with what they call the "in crowd." Maybe if they did sports or had a life, they would be popular too.
by *The Boss* July 12, 2006
31 86