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(krau-der) : in relation to or in direct reference of the hair follicles coming down from the southern portion of the cranium.
I am working on growing my crowder! It will be as beautiful as David Crowder's
by JohnJohn1186 September 15, 2005
The inability to get out of a sand trap.
Man, I kept hiting it into the lip and it kept rolling back into the sand trap. I really Crowdered that sand trap.
#crowder #golf #sand trap #hacker #fat #chip shot #wedge
by UB Wan kanobee August 09, 2011
1. Noun. A person (in most cases male) who picks the urinal next to another guy when there are nonadjacent urinals still available; usually still applies even when there are dividers.

2. Similar to people who talk when they piss

"Dammit Michael, stop being such a Crowder!"
#man law #i'm not gay urinal #n00b #gay #urinal #toilet bathroom
by Rqrwuerlrj December 18, 2008
someone in your space even if they were there first.
If you hop in a bed and someone is already there. They are a Crowder. If you are still unsure if they are classified as a Crowder... perform this test. Take a medium sized Stone and place it in bed with you and the probable Crowder. Say aloud, "this is getting kinda crowded." If the Stone stays... YOU ARE DEFINITELY IN BED WITH A CROWDER. Also, if the Stone stinks... it's definitely a Crowder.
#crowder #close #pipeblower #skirtwearer #stinkystone
by Dark_Space April 26, 2011
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