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Impalinate is verb referring to a short term feeling of euphoria, success or impending success / victory followed by the virtual opposite happening as a direct result of the impalinating event.

The root of the word is derived from surname of one Sarah Palin who, once chosen by Presidential candidate John McCainhis running mate to enjoy a resurgence in the poll coupled by a groundswell of Republican and Conservative media euphoria over the pick.

Before long, interview gaffes and an detailed examination of her record, beliefs, and abilities caused the campaign to stall, as millions of Americans were horrified by the idea of her one octogenarian's heartbeat away from the highest office in the land, and the nukes.

In short, Senator McCain impalinated himself.

Similarly, the debut of Sarah Palin's TV show on TLC brought millions of viewers, only to see ratings drop by almost 50% shortly thereafter.
Dating a really hot girl can be a highly impalinating experience. At first the confidence from screwing a model and the admiration of other men is intoxicating and makes you feel like you are king of the world. But after a while you notice your bank account is at zero, she owns your house and she cheated on you with your best friend.

2) "My first ever line of cocaine impalinated the f^&* out of me. At first I thought I was king of the world and that all my jokes were funny. I was sure that girl wanted me. Now I'm broke and sucking dick for coke"
by Gator Roll January 10, 2011
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