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An imaginary relationship that someone makes up in their head because they are secretly very deeply in love with someone else. It falls somewhere between crush and stalking.
John: "Man I wanna tell you something but you have to promise to keep it a secret."
Fred: "Sure thing man, whats up?"
John: "I'm totally in love with Kelly man!"
Fred: "Dude that's never gonna happen, I think you have an imaginationship going on."
John: "Yea I guess your right."
by Gus15 April 17, 2008
An imaginary relationship.
Girl/Boy thinks about and dreams about a person, usually a celebirty and believes they are in a relationship with them. " I have an imaginationship with John Tucker."
by loveyoumatthew May 31, 2009
1. An almost nonexistent relationship, usually of a romantic nature, with one party exaggerating or imagining their closeness; a relationship almost exclusively existing in the hopeful person's mind.

2. A product of a lovelorn person's imagination, a relationship planned out in said person's thoughts, unbeknownst to their object of affection, and almost never acted upon; can be a celebrity as well.
Person A: So how is Kyle doing with Sarah?
Person B: Haha, he told you they were going out? Total imaginationship.

Despite Tyler having a girlfriend, Beth develops their imaginationship in her head, right up to their wedding.
by SondraSquarepants June 08, 2009