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standing for, "i love you as a friend," a way to avoid confusion when telling people of the opposite sex that you love them.
unattatched boy: "see you then"
unattatched girl: "um, yh"
unattatched boy: "ilyaaf!!"
unattatched girl: "ilyaaf too!!"
by Jimi McWilliam woods October 19, 2007
I love you as a friend. Used when two friends love each other, but one or both of them has a boyfriend/girlfriend/likes someone else, and saying ily could be misinterpreted
S:Ilyaaf 2
Me:hopefully my gf and/or your bf won't get jealous if we use just ilyaaf
by Big_Tedd March 21, 2011
i love you always and forever
ilyaaf boo
by wakeke March 14, 2010