sickker than anything in the world
lance is illsick
by dannnny perrallta August 16, 2009
Top Definition
term used to describe the Hip-Hop artist Benefit.
" I got deaf people hearin' this, blind people seein' this, paralyzed from the neck down still feelin' this." Benefits hooks are illsick
by AlikaP January 23, 2007
when something is totally awesome & its not just ill (which means cool), but it is also sick (which means dope), therefore the coolness of the object just got boosted bc its twice as cool as an object simiply being ill.
jess: hey look @ those nikes....they are gold.

mikey: damn, those are ILL-SICK!!!
by ninjakari August 20, 2010
to be oober be...ill, cool, the man...Da boss....yo mommas pimp!
Billys rhymes are so illsick!

Yo bitch you head was illsick!
by Micheal March 15, 2005
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